Our Promise to you

1. Breeder Farms

Our breeder farms are the home of the parent stock birds that are reared in a highly bio secure environment. The birds are provided with top of the range feed, housing, litter, utilities, technical and veterinary services, from a team of poultry men and technical experts that have the knowledge and expertise that is essential in maintaining Kenchic's standards of excellence that are guided by the international standards of animal husbandry.

2. The Hatchery

From the breeder farms, the parent stock birds lay eggs that are collected and taken to our commercial hatchery. This happens after sorting, grading and labelling of the eggs is done for purposes of traceability. The eggs are then incubated and hatched over a 21-day period. Once hatched, the day-old chicks are either placed on Kenchic broiler farms and reared for meat or they are sold to broiler, layer and Kenbro farmers for subsistence and commercial farming. This hatchery also houses vaccination equipment that allows the birds to leave the facilities already vaccinated against deadly viral diseases such as Gumboro, Infectious Bronchitis and New Castle Disease.

3. Poultry Center

Kenchic, Kenya's leading poultry company has set up poultry one-stop shops across the country to support farmer needs. These centers are central points for supplying quality day-old chicks (Broilers, Layers and Kenbro) as well as the full range of broiler and layer chicken feed from the starter, grower to a finisher, disinfectants for chicken house cleaning, poultry rearing equipment such as feeders and drinkers.
Each center has a full-time veterinary doctor registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board (KVB) to provide free technical advice to farmers and provide chicken post mortems. The poultry centers are located in Nairobi (Exsan House), Mombasa, Mtwapa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Meru, Ruiru, Ikinu and Ruai.
The establishment of the poultry centers across the country is meant to provide holistic support to poultry farmers through end-to-end services.
There are weekly farmer training and quarterly seminars in each center to ensure farmers are up to date on relevant and effective poultry rearing practices.

Farm 2 Fork is our promise to our customers that we will not compromise on quality; from when the egg is hatched until you have quality meat for consumption. It also signals that Kenchic is at the forefront of the global food traceability movement. Every egg we hatch every chicken we raise and every cut of meat we process is traceable.