Kenchic Food Safety Policy & Objectives


Is to provide our customers with their ‘Chicken of Choice.


Is to deliver ‘Chicken of choice’ wherever we operate, always exceeding our customers’ expectations through outstanding product quality and efficient service

KENCHIC Limited is committed to:

  • Process, sell and distribute safe, healthy, and nutritious poultry products at the highest level of consumers’ satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of our processed products through technological development.
  • Follow internationally recognized standards including the FSSC 22000 as well as Specific Kenyan Standards, to the satisfaction of the local regulatory authority.
  • Ensuring that our products and processes have undergone relevant government inspection and approval by the Directorate of Veterinary Services, the Department of Public Health, the Kenya Bureau of Standards among others.
  • Ensuring our traceability system, anchored on Kenchic’s Farm to Fork policy, is robust enough to maintain product quality and consumer satisfaction
  • Carry out regular audits to ensure our farms and other suppliers meet our standards
  • Attend to customers complaints through root-cause analysis.
  • Only use appropriate and approved raw materials to produce quality poultry products.
  • Strict adherence to Kenchic’s Antimicrobial Usage and Animal Welfare Policies in our production value chain.
  • Ensuring that we utilize processes and results from our in-house (ISO 17025 certified) laboratory to produce meat that is safe and wholesome for human consumption through monitoring of microbiological contamination and hygiene levels among other tests.
  • Ensuring our staff satisfy relevant food safety requirements including undergoing a food handlers test and regular screening for pathogens of public health importance.
  • Ensuring our production adheres to Farms Initiative’s Responsible Minimum Standards, and Kenchic’s Animal Welfare Policy
  • Maintain pollution free working environment by adhering to the Environmental Management and Co-ordination (Waste Management) Regulations, 2006 and relevant County regulations on waste disposal.
  • To communicate this policy and build up the skills of the employees through continuous training.
  • Facilitate third party audits by our clients and Food safety organizations to ensure compliance to own and international standards

Food Safety Objective

Our Processing Plant’s Food Safety Objective-(FSO) is to ensure that Kenchic products are Healthy, Nutritious, and safe by:

  • Consistently produce quality products that are free from physical, chemical, allergen, and pathogenic microbiological hazards. Monitored by lab results and customer feedback.
  • Continuously assess all employees on their various duties & competencies and affirm a strict culture in our endeavours to produce safe poultry products. (Training records per department).
  • Ensure traceability for all our products.
  • Ensuring the production environment and processes are up to local and international regulatory and statutory standards
  • This policy to be communicated internally through training & externally to all our customers. e.g., website

Our Hatchery is committed to:

  • Process and set fertile and heathy that will hatch into high quality chicks to the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the quality of the hatched chicks through technological innovations.
  • Pursue international food safety Certifications for continuous improvement.

Our Breeder and Broiler farms commit to:

  • Ensure our chicken are reared in bio secure environment with regular biosecurity audits aimed at attaining a score of >80%
  • Supply chicken with fresh and potable water while feeding them on a wholesome and well-balanced plant-based poultry diet.
  • Monitor feed, water and other samples provide through our laboratory to ensure they meet the required safety standards.
  • Ensuring our breeder farms supply the hatchery with clean, healthy and fertile hatching eggs.


This Policy shall be reviewed annually.